Judith Allen-Efstathiou

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The dislocations in my life and cultural history (growing up in the United States and then living in Greece for many years) have influenced my work, which frequently includes unusual juxtapositions of different cultural motifs. In my drawings, paintings and prints, I layer ancient and modern imagery from different cultures, reflecting my interested in the kinds of ornamentations that have been created in different countries at various periods in history.
My work explores art as a venue of exchange. For three years I have collaborated with two groups of women: women of Oasis Siwa in the Great Sand Sea of western Egypt, and women inmates of Koridalos Prison in Athens, Greece. For these projects I printed images of healing plants on fabric and sent them by an intermediary to Oasis Siwa and to Korydallos Prison with instructions for the women to embellish my prints in any way they chose. The works created in this global exchange, through a shared language of fabric and ornamentation, became the subject matter for a series of my drawings and mixed media art works.


"Binary is Best, Red Carnations". 2008, Ink and graphite on mulberry paper; plexiglas tubes, length varies up to 350 x 64 cm.