Maria Grigoriou

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Having been trained in art and in the art of weaving, I slowly sought new methods to craft my work, using various media. For the last 15 years my work has taken two directions.

The one still involves textiles and weaving but has now become an increasingly conceptual method.I apply old traditional textile techniques to non traditional materials such as paper and bring these pieces into a contemporary context.

The other is sculptural, using iron wire the way you would use a pencil to draw a continuous line. Wherever I need a thicker line I hammer the wire on the anvil.

From the idea to the execution, I enjoy the process like a journey. The more open you are the closer you reach. The best travels have been made in my studio.

“Youkos” 2009 BENAKI MUSEUM ( Pireos building ) Cloth, wool, silk, cotton, paper, wood 295 x 76 x 75 cm.